How it works?

Frequently Asked Questions

So How Does it all work?

  1. It started with a booking fee of $450 and it covers my time for the session
  2. Then you will see the edited images within a week via online gallery
  3. You have 30 days to make your order by simply emailling us
  4. Your order will be ready usually within 2 weeks from your approval
  5. Your order will then be couriered it to you once they are ready
  6. All of our products carry 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you find something not to your expectation, we will cheerfully replace it…
  7. Last but not least, it usually end with you giving us a 5* review on our facebook… (of course this is optional… hahaha)

How long is the session?

The shoot depends on many factors and I will make sure that I have given enough time to capture what is there to capture before we call it a day.
Typically, family shoot is done between 1 to 2 hours and Newborn is about 2-3 hours.

What kind of clothing should we bring?

Clothing should be reflection on who your family… if your family prefer bright and happy color, then that’s what you should have…
However, do avoid busy pattern such as small flowery pattern, checked pattern or anything that distracting…
White, Black, off white and soft color (blue, pink, yellow, green) tend to be more timeless if you prefer these

What happen if my kids are unwell?

I have children myself, so I totally understand if you need to reschedule should this happen… however, do let me know in advance as soon as possible… We want a happy kids too…

What happen if there are bites/scratch/pimples on my children's face?

My retoucher will just photoshop them away…

What Happen if my kids are grumpy during the shoot?

Kids are kids… and they do have their moments and that’s the reason why you hired me to create amazing images for your family… I am parent too so I totally understand and I have seen enough children to understand and manage them properly, however. if I can’t make them laugh and give you the best I could, I am more than happy to reshoot for you or you are welcome to have full refund.

What time is your session?

I start my session as early as 8am and as late as 5:30pm and anytime in between.
I will work with you in terms of your children’s best time… usually when they just finish their nap and meal…

Where do you suggest?

Depends on what you like…
  1. Botanic Garden – If you like greenary and open space and centrally located location
  2. Your Home – If you have young children, the best location usually at home and its surrounding
  3. East Coast Park – If greenery and beach is your thing… this will be top of my list
  4. Marina Bay Promenade – Love those Cityscape as the backdrop of your family shoot? this is the location to be…
  5. Garden by the Bay – If you love greenery and something represent Singapore and if you like “outdoor look” in AC environment, Flower Dome is fantastic…
  6. Marina Barrage – Greenery, Singapore Skyline Backdrop as well as Industrial look
  7. Hotels – One of the most common place to do it if you are planning for your location staycation…
  8. Overseas Destination – If you are my loyal clients, I am happy to travel with you to whenever you prefer… call me for a chat…

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