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Fathers Day, celebrating the love and bond we share

Dads are always the coolest.  As a child you sit on their shoulders, they swing you around with ease.  As we get older our fathers represent strength and patience with their loving care.  As a photographer I love to capture the bond shared between a child and their Dad or Grandad.  The endless love is easily captured on film and the images speaks more than a 1000 words ever could.  Here are some of my favorite recent shots of the bond we celebrate on Fathers Day




Dad is often the hardest person in the family to purchase a gift for.  Most fathers will say when asked what they want that they don’t need anything.  Here at Tomato Photo we have the perfect gift for Dad this year.  Give him the gift that keeps on giving – memories frozen in a moment of time through family photography.  We recommend selecting your favorite picture with Dad and putting it in a frame for his desk at work.  Even when he is busy and stressed he always has a picture of his loved ones to remind him of how much he means to his family.



Give is a call on 8858 0088 to schedule a time to shoot the family and dad or let us create a personalized gift card for him to open on the special day!


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Newborn Photography Signature series…

I often ask myself if I am too stubborn for not adopting the new trend in newborn photography which focus on light and airy concept with natural light and pastelly color that create beautiful images.

But I ask myself a question, why do I pioneer the newborn photography for baby under 2 weeks in 2009? what was the motivation, the vision behind what I do… Is it just a beautiful picture or is there a deeper reason?

Often the simplest things are the harder to achieve… take happiness… such a simple little word but how many truly know how to be happy?

My original vision for newborn remain true today… that is to beautify a simple form of newborn pose that mimic the very position in the womb. Something, that even time won’t be able to change it… The truth is I would like to create something so timeless that it will be a legacy that can be passed down in generation. Noble? nope, selfish? yup, totally… but for a good reason.

Here are some of my collection of my signature series… something a little unusual… but simplistic approach to my vision of baby in the womb.


If you believe that the greatest gift you can give to your newly born baby is a simple, natural and beautiful, why not give us a call to have a chat to see how we can help to turn those memories into a piece of art that you can appreciate and create a legacy for your children.



Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
8858 0088

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What sets us apart…

baby_photography_singaporeWith so many choices out there in the market, how do you find a suitable photographer or studio to help you in your quest of capturing memories of your love ones?

Its easy for us to show you articles or features  but we believe that it is best said from those who have experienced a photo shoot with Tomato Photo.   Here are our clients thoughts on Tomato Photo

Clients believe in:

  1. Tomato Photo’s professionalism
  2. The ability to handle their children
  3. The ability to capture the moments that clients are looking for
  4. Tomato Photo quick turn around time
  5. Their children are in good hands
  6. Match and deliver what  the clients want
  7. Creativity and artistic vision
  8. Friendly and approachable attitude
  9. Last but not least, my ability to make people smile

Here are some screen shots from our wonderful clients:











Here are some grateful client emails that we are happy to share







Our vision is to put smiles on people’s face and create images that warm peoples hearts and our actions are reflection in our vision.

On the surface, you can see the images that we created, the price we charge, but many prospects perhaps forget to include the intangible return that they are getting. With this in mind, it is easy to know why 82% of our business is returning clients and referred clients.

So if you want something special for your family… why not give us a call on 8858 0088 for a chat?



Hart Tan

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Toddler Photographs


Its not always easy to get your two year old to co operate but here are some quick and easy tips for your next photo shoot

Its all about the “ I see you”

For toddlers, catching their attention can be tricky. Make them laugh with squeaky toys, ideally you want to bring along their favorite toy to the photography session. Feel free to squeak the toy behind the photographer to get your little one looking into the lenses


Location, Location, Location

Toddlers are very busy little people and sometimes the idea of sitting inside a studio for hours can seem boring and frustrating to your kids. If you have high energy children then consider a fun location or park where they can feel free to run around, climb a tree or sit on a park bench, all of which makes for perfectly framed shots

The Photographer is your best friend

As an experienced photographer I am all about making the shoot into one large game. I get the toddlers to look at the camera as a game, to see if they can spot me. Creating fun little distractions like these can create natural shots that display the delight in your children’s eyes

kids_photo_studio_singaporeKeep them updated on your progress
Toddlers can be quite engaged with the camera, and have a natural curiosity. Showing them their photo after you’ve taken it usually encourages them to pose for more. Ask them to “try again” just like the one they just saw but better!

Getting to know you..
Before every shoot I spend time getting to know the family and especially toddlers. Its important to find out who their favorite toy is what they like to sing and what games makes them engaged. These are key activities that will help you to re focus them during the shoot.

toddler_photos_singapore_studoiBaby be Busy

Toddlers love a task. Its often when they are focused and amused that you get the best profile shoots. You can grab their personalities through the lenses and display their character with ease. I often sit the toddler down with a new toy or bike and then shot away as the magic happens

Hello Weather
Parents often worry about the weather. But this can be a photographers best distraction for any toddler. Toddlers love jumping in puddles and playing with umbrella’s. You can get some great shots by asking delighted infants to jump in puddles or open up the umbrella. There is always an opportunity to create great images through a little imagination

family_photographer_singaporeFollow Me Please
Make a game out of posing by asking a toddler to copy what you do. You can try silly poses at first so it’s fun, the mix them up with more natural ones. Challenge them to keep the pose for as long as possible as part of the game

If you would like to remember this wonderful phase in your little ones childhood then give us call to setup a time to shoot your family TEL: 8858 0088

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Delightful Dogs!

pet_photographer_singaporeHere at Tomato Photo we often get asked about bringing pets to photo shoots. We always say “yes – please”. Not only are your dogs a huge part of your family if not one of your key members but they bring such a strong dynamic to any shoot.


We draw such inspiration from shoots where you can clearly see that the dog and the child are best buddies. The laughter and excitement shine through the children’s eyes as they interact with their favorite pooch.  This playing and interaction are so natural that it helps any photographer capture that perfect shot of inspiration. A pet is a great photographers assistant as they relax the environment and create natural poses of embracing and love


Give us a call to discuss how you would like to incorporate your pooch in the next family shoot! TEL:  8858 0088


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