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We keep it classic – its a style that never dates

So many photographers like to claim that they have their own unique style.  Most will trade this style in for the latest trends and fashionable creations.  As a successful photographer I believe in believing in yourself and your skill set. Sticking to what your heart knows best and recognizing your strengths and style.  Our clients can choose from the dramatic black back drop which pulls the eye to the individual in the image.  This backdrop can be used with colour and black and white options depending on the amount of drama you want from the image.


At Tomato Photo we focus on continuing to make our style a stand out classic.  Our clients can choose from the deeper and darker black and white images that create that striking focus of the eyes of the beholder.




Or we offer our favorite natural lighting photography.  We can do this natural version in both the studio and on specified locations.  This is a classic style that will never dates as it captures the participants as they are in the moment in real time.  There are no cheesy poses, no outdated props or forced heavy shadows.  What we love about the natural lighting  is the ability to capture the real essence of the person and their personality.  There are no lines, shadows or backdrops that take away from the individual.





As the years have gone on, we believe that Tomato Photo has remained stead fast in their approach, quality and style.  Most of our clients choose us because of our style and strong brand.  Give us a call to book in your shoot  with us.  Let us use our skills to capture your family in this precious moment in time.  Call our studio at 6440 7567 to make a booking.

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8 years of friendship and memories…

The Morris family started their life in Singapore as a young and happy married couple and over the 8 years… they left with 2 beautiful children, 8 years worth of photographic memories as well as countless friends that they have met in Singapore.

To some, family photography is a service… but for people who know, they are just an activity that create the memories that you will hold onto dearly… It is the story of their family life and I am honored to be part of it.

If you are looking to do it for your family… give us a call on 8858 0088 and see how we can start capture and preserve those memories for you…

This is the 8 years journey of the Morris Family…

Well, this is it folks…

You can continue to wait and your children just grown up before your eyes and all you have are those iPhone snapshots without you in it…

If you like to build a relationship with us for your family… drop us an email at or give us a call on 8858 0088



Hart Tan

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No Forced Smiles Here…

As a photographer I often get asked “but can you make my kids smile?”.   Sure, we can do this through playing and interacting in a natural way, but I always tell parents that the heart and soul of your child is in other facial expressions too.  Natural photography that captures moments and feelings is not about that posed cheesy smile, its about what is behind the eyes and the connection the eyes make with the camera.


As a photographer and parent I am drawn to the eyes and soul of the image.  Often the piercing stare is what really captures the true personality and traits of any child.  Its that connection that the child makes with the camera that the parents will be drawn to and thus framing .  Capturing all moods is crucial to documenting and keeping your memories alive, as parents we know that our children are not always perfect tidy smiling angels, they are little people with thoughts and ideas of their own – so why not capture this through photography.


Gone are those cheesy 80’s family portraits where children sit on the knees of the parents or not he floor next to a grandparent.  Fast forward to the present and family photography is about capturing a particular moment in time experienced by the individuals in the snap.  As a photographer who takes and sees thousands of photos, its those natural moments captured without telling children to smile and say “cheese” that really make for amazing family portraits


Remember next time you take a photo of your little one, just tell them to be themselves to continue to take part in the game or activity they are engaged in and then take your photo.  Capture the essence of your child not the unrealistic posed model of them.



Interested in capturing  your children’s personality? Then give us a call on 8858 0088 to discuss your photography options or visit our Facebook page for daily updates and tips on photography

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Best Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore – take your camera!

It’s the weekend and time to keep the kids entertained. We loved exploring Singapore this week to give you the top five places to take the kiddies for some summer fun. Here are our suggestions on the best playgrounds in Singapore. Don’t forget to take your camera, its always a photo worthy moment when family plays together


Jacob Ballas – Botanical Gardens

We love this spot its perfect for kiddies of all ages to enjoy with an emphasis on the environment and learning more about the garden. With a wet area for play its perfect for cooling down on a hot summers day after climbing the huge tree house. Use a park bench or tree stub to hold you camera and set the timer the perfect family portrait




East Coast Park

Whether is fun on the beach or riding your bicycle this park has you covered. We love to take advantage of the family friendly bicycle tracks and then cool down in the sea for a swim followed by a yummy ice cream from New Zealand Natural. No worries if you don’t have a bike, simply hire one by the hour for priceless family fun. No need for a flash on hot sunny days – just pick up your camera and snap away



Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay

We just love the water play area, its huge! Don’t worry if you have tiny tot, there is a dedicated play area for toddlers. This spot is great for hot summer days and you can finish it off with a soft serve from Mc Donald’s. Take your camera and focus on getting awesome shoots of splashes and wet smiley facesFamily_photographer_singapore



Woodlands waterfront

If your kiddies love to climb then this is the spot for your family. With a huge tower surrounded by rope to climb this fort will keep your kids amused for hours. We also recommend a walk along the boardwalk area, the perfect spot for a family snap in the late afternoon.

Pasir Ris Park

 For those families who need a stroller friendly activity then this is perfect for you. The boardwalk gives you the opportunity to be among nature and spot mud crabs whilst pushing your stroller along leisurely. Make sure you take some mozzie spray for this outing and a flash for your camera is a definite must if you are taking afternoon family snapsfamily_Photography_Singapore


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Fathers Day, celebrating the love and bond we share

Dads are always the coolest.  As a child you sit on their shoulders, they swing you around with ease.  As we get older our fathers represent strength and patience with their loving care.  As a photographer I love to capture the bond shared between a child and their Dad or Grandad.  The endless love is easily captured on film and the images speaks more than a 1000 words ever could.  Here are some of my favorite recent shots of the bond we celebrate on Fathers Day




Dad is often the hardest person in the family to purchase a gift for.  Most fathers will say when asked what they want that they don’t need anything.  Here at Tomato Photo we have the perfect gift for Dad this year.  Give him the gift that keeps on giving – memories frozen in a moment of time through family photography.  We recommend selecting your favorite picture with Dad and putting it in a frame for his desk at work.  Even when he is busy and stressed he always has a picture of his loved ones to remind him of how much he means to his family.



Give is a call on 8858 0088 to schedule a time to shoot the family and dad or let us create a personalized gift card for him to open on the special day!


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