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Studio newborn photography with Jo

Tomato Photo has been the fore front in creativity and have been leading the field of Children and newborn photography in Singapore. Looking back 7 years ago, outdoor creative children photography wasn’t even popular, creative newborn photography isn’t something people consider as genre… and there isn’t any studio that concentrate doing just that… I just love how we create a trend that the market follow…

By now, all of my newborn sessions are done with artificial lighting… I used to do it with natural lighting and fairly wide aperture to create those dreamy images… but boy… I am missing out a lot of skin details, texture, etc that you could do with more depth of field and skin tone consistency and those lovely B&W images.

I love the freedom to shoot any where and any time with consistency that is not seen with natural light. I was avoiding using artificial light because I don’t know how to control it… but over the past year or so, a lot of work have been poured in to create beautiful lighting and yes, I am taking the lighting to the next level. The level that emulate “mood” that you can feel.

Anyway, Jo and her family came over to my studio for their newborn photography session… I love capturing beyond the peaceful nature of the newborn, I love the smiles, I love the funny faces, I love those emotion type of shots… something that is quite unique to each baby.




Hart Tan



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7 years on… Family Portrait Photography with Lindy

2008 was the year I met Lindy, Alvin and their first born Asher… He was a little baby barely taking his little baby first steps… 7 years on, I love to photograph this family… They are more like a friend now and it is a real privilege to watch the kids grow up.

Lindy created an album on her facebook showing the growth of her family through my photography which you can access through this link.

Like many of my clients who have been having me to capture part of their memories… it is nice to see how my photography evolve and offering their children gift of a lifetime.

This year, we decide to photograph the family at Lorong Halus Wetlands… an interesting location for shoot… its a wide open space without much shades… so it was warm but nonetheless a nice change of scenery.



In essence, to be able to use my gift to preserve memories for a family is what I love doing… not a job but a dedication…

Here is what Lindy says on the facebook as part of the testimonial….

From 1 baby to now our 4th, the photos he has taken for us has never failed to capture how I feel for myself, the kids and the family. I can feel my children’s different personality in them. I can feel how my motherly feelings were in them. So timeless. Its exactly those feelings and memories that I wanted to preserve and I am glad I found Hart, who is absolutely the right one for it. Thanks Hart! He is always patient and has his ways with the kids. We see you grow and so did you see us grow!



Hart Tan

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Home Family Portrait Photography with MacFarlan

It was my birthday and I am shooting 4 shoots in 1 day on extremely painful feet  isn’t a life of a photographer that I am envisioned.

It is an obsession and perhaps addiction to the act of preserving memories for others. Always enjoy every second when I am out and about.


Another beautiful session for Macfarlan whom I have the privilege to see the kiddo grow up from little newborn…

Arrive on the day, being told Jay, the elder boy was in the bad mood and they have contractors coming in an hour… no pressure!!!

I love the space and I love the lights and all I need to do is to take away the computer and miraculously make everyone smiling naturally in front of the camera.

I always remember vividly when my little boy was cruising below the dining table and I always love those moments and here I find the perfect place and light and perfect smile…

At the end of the day… client’s kind words strengthen my belief in memories preservation. It is the best gift I could receive for my birthday…

Hi Hart,

These are great photos!  Love them!  Thanks so much! – Mamiko


Hart Tan

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a Beautiful family portrait photography session in Hong Kong

My photography has taken me to many places and every shoot in any location almost feels like a new adventures.

Hong Kong is one of the interesting city that I love… The old vs new, the vibrant vs the dull, steep hills, beautiful harbor and lust green once you are out of the city.

I photographed the Rowland’s at their beautiful family home in NT… Loving their clean and bright color decor with a touch of vintage and modern fusion makes their house really interesting.

My photography focus on the people and their body language and human interaction is something I enjoy so making myself and my clients “feel like home, AKA comfortable” a breeze… I find that it is the only way to allow people to show who “they are” to you. It is the “interpretation” of the people that set my work apart.

I had fun photographing them and we spend about an hour for the session and here are some of the images from the shoot.



Hart Tan

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The next chapter has begun…

The past 7 years living in Singapore has been really interesting… It fills with up and down and drama… now the dust has settled a little, things are getting more interesting.

On photography front, for myself, I have continue to sharpen my vision that offer clients into preserving part of their memories…. The Tomato Photo brand is growing and I am still hungry to take the brand to the next stage… but one step at a time keeping the promises as we go along. I am not perfect, and do pardon me if I make mistake along the way.

Along the way, I found love in nurturing new talents… nurturing them to release their full potential by taking baby steps forward… It is almost like seeing your child walk that first step… so magical…

We set up our subsidiary company, Bambini Photography (, slightly over 5 years ago but only really actively building it for the past 3+ years… the time has passed quickly, through changes and constant improvements  have been set in place to offer their services to our audience. As a mentor, I love to see how they grow and yesterday was the day that they can call themselves as Qualified Master Photographer. It isn’t the end point, nor it is a point that they stop, but it is a point where more responsibility for them to offer their skills to fulfill their client’s need for memories preservation.

The journey they learn to become a Master Photographer is the most important part of the whole process… getting the qualification is just a formality.

It is a way that we continue to bring more to clients who choose us for what we do.

So thank you for everyone who have and will be supporting us through our journey. Without your support, none of these are even possible.


Hart Tan


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