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Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the most important of the holidays for the Chinese community here in Singapore.   This festivity is the time for family reunions, which is the most important part of the Chinese New Year celebration. People will normally visit relatives and friends, do some shopping, watch traditional Chinese shows, launch fireworks, and plan for the coming year.  Many families in Singapore will come together for large traditional meals and quality time.  In todays busy age its hard to get the whole extended family together and when you do its such a momentous occasion.  Occasions like these should be preserved through photos which capture that moment where multiple generations come together to celebrate the family bond and new year of opportunities.

This is the perfect time to get Tomato Photo to come to your home and capture the family festivities.  Images of Granddad holding his grandchild or Mum hugging her cousin are priceless.    At Tomato Photo you can get all your images saved into a CD so that you can easily share the images with all of your family members present on that days celebration.


Its now easier than ever to preserve family generations for future keepsakes

Give us call to schedule in your family photo shoot, no family is too large for Tomato Photo !

TEL 6440 7567


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Maximizing your Photo Shoot Investment!

Its all about albums in this blog.  Lets explain why this is the best way to maximize your photos visibility and enjoyment.  So many clients carefully consider the shoot, the outfits, the poses and styles that they want to achieve from their family photo-shoot.  But many forget the most important aspect of any photo-shoot – THE PHOTOS!


Most feel that getting photos put onto a USB drive or CD is the best option for them.  But realistically how often would you insert your USB, sit down with a  cup of coffee and scroll through your photos?  We all have the best intentions but it seems we never have time.

After talking to many clients and having my own family photographs it seems that the most viewed images are those printed into family photo albums.  Why you ask? It’s simple, its all about access.  Photo albums sit around on coffee tables, within easy reach of a book shelf or cabinet.  Guests visiting your home can easily flip through the album while waiting on that cup of offered tea.  Photo albums are a discussion point and a reason to sit around and discuss memories and share laughs with your loved ones.
Photo albums can also be so easily organized.  Each album contains one photo shoot, a moment in time captured for ever.  Have say, five photo albums each covering an important life event makes it so easy for the family to reflect and bond over shared experiences.

Tomato Photo offers amazing album options to suit every desire and budget.  We offer our clients plenty of input into the design and layout of the album so that you can put your families personal touches into it.  Choose the images that you like and the layout that suits and you have the perfect discussion piece for your home.  Printed photo albums are not just for weddings, they should be used for every milestone in ones life.


The perfect product to keep all your memories in one place!

Our photo album pages are professional photographic lab print and come in  range of sizes  and pages.  Contact us for info at 6440 7567

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Preparing for your Newborn Photo Shoot

When you’re pregnant, especially for the first time, it can be hard to imagine what it is going to be like to have a baby, let alone prepare for a newborn photo shoot.   The first two weeks are intense, but a little preparation will help make sure the photos from that special and unique time are ones you will enjoy for years to come. Tomato Photo is all about helping you preserve your precious memories

Although there will be individual portraits, newborn photos don’t just have to be of your baby. We highly recommend planning on photos of the whole newly expanded family at this special time. And yes, that includes you! Your inclination may be to avoid being in the photos, but we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to be photographed with your baby, even though you may not be feeling at your best. In years to come, you and your child will be glad to have these early photos, and you’ll want to include your partner, too.  Most importantly  include any  siblings as well. They will be pleased to be included in the shoot and your newborn will be excited to see how little his or her older siblings were back at the time of the birth

Do you want to do birth announcements? How about framed prints, or wall canvases. Set aside a budget; planning ahead makes you more likely to actually follow through, even in those busy first months. If you’re planning on sending birth announcements, arrange the theme and cards now to save time after your baby is here!
If you have a special outfit in mind for your baby’s first photo shoot, pick it and set it aside it now! You might want to bring a couple of options in case one doesn’t fit well. Focus on outfits with special meaning, but if you don’t have anything in mind, don’t worry. Your baby will look great without clothes or wrapped in a blanket.  If you have a special blanket, toy or family heirloom, pack them, too. Maybe you have a silver rattle or other keepsake from when you were a baby, or a hand-knit blanket from a special relative.   Plain but textured blankets work great in photos, either in muted or bright colours, but avoid busy patterns if you can.

Don’t forget about yourself! You don’t have to get all dressed up. A simple white shirt or black T-shirt will work great along with your favorite pair of maternity jeans.   A beautiful necklace and some simple earrings can add a special touch.  Don’t feel you have to wear make-up, but if a little make-up will go a long way to making you feel confident in front of the camera.
If your spouse, partner or other children will be in the photos, talk with them about what they will be most comfortable wearing. Keep it simple and don’t aim to get too dressed up. If you keep it casual and comfortable, everyone will be more relaxed. Don’t worry about having everyone match either. Just lay out all the outfits together on the bed to look and see if anything clashes. If it looks good to you, it will look good to you in the photos too.


Remember the  more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby and the rest of the family will be, too. Enjoy this opportunity to bond and start out a lifelong tradition of captured moments.

Wanting a newborn shoot for your little bundle of joy? Give us a call to secure your spot  6440 7567


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Family Portraits: Why It’s Worthwhile


It’s important to remember that photographs are a means of story telling.  Photos can powerfully depict the ties of each family member and the strong bond that they share. Our parent’s generation might not have taken as many photos as this leaves many of us in the lurch when it comes to reflecting on our childhood visually or recalling important memories from events captured in film.  The one of the great wonders of our new generation is the access we have to cameras and technology, all of this makes us less apprehensive about getting in front of the camera and allowing a photographer to shoot away our precious family pics.

Tomato Photo focuses on the all important candid moments of our modern day family.   Captured digitally are the moments shared between loved ones.  With a focus on natural light and fun moments this is the perfect opportunity to get shots done that reflect your family in its truest form.  Photos that are too posed leaved parents feel awkward and kids that are impossible to control and get to sit still for each shot.  Hart Tan from Tomato Photo believes that by allowing children to just be themselves and engage with them as they play naturally he can capture the best pictures of your little ones.

Here are the main reasons that families choose to get family photos done. Firstly they want to show their family off and swell with pride when visitors comment on the wall hangings.  Secondly they physical documentation of your child’s growth and maturity and lastly and we feel most importantly is preserving the precious memories of your little ones childhood.  Time seems to fly by and this gives mums and dads the opportunity to stop for a moment and capture these precious moments before our kids become adults.

Tomato Photo believes that displaying family photography on the walls of your home sends a strong message to your family and everyone who enters your home that my family means more to me than anything else in the world.  All you have to do is ask someone what he or she would grab if their house were on fire.  I’m sure most people you ask would say their family photos. Family portraits frame freeze important parts of our lives that often remind us why we work, love and live.
family_photo_singaporeContact us to discuss your family photos today! Give us a call on 6440 7567

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My thoughts for the New Year

We are 13 days into 2016, that’s 13 out of 365 days GONE! I suddenly had this uneasy feeling in my stomach.  Those who run their own business will understand this anxious moment. Tracing back what I have done and comparing this to our master our plan, it greats a sense of ease those negative feelings now turn into practical solutions.

Though it is exhilarating at first to run your own business especially when you start to see some returns. Reflecting back the first year was fun. Never mind the countless hours, the aches, never mind just about everything to be honest…

The challenge usually come around second half of 2nd year to 3rd year… that’s when you feel that you are doing too many things and not sure where you are going, looking back on your photography  images, you feel that you have reached the end of your imagination as far as creativity goes. Most choose at this stage out source and go and learn from someone else… energize themselves and redo the same thing.

At around 5 years, you will start to notice the  struggle to grow.  You know that you need grow your business  but your not sure how to, both in business and artistic vision. For many, the burn out tends to set in both mentally and physically. Some may pursue a different direction… for many they simply don’t see the end of the tunnel.

Lets hope that by this stage you would have made enough profit that allow you to move into the direction that you choose in your life while take care of your family.

The reality of it is, though we work so hard by putting endless hours, you realize that at the end of every year, there is not much left and you start to think why you are doing all these? Remember those big dreams of yours of changing the world?

Some start cutting back on cost, move operation home, co-exist your life and your business.  But this too has its own challenge which I am going to explore that in the next blog…

The truth is, with proper guidance from the right mentor I could have saved years of years of finding out everything for myself the hard way. I have learnt lighting from mentors who practically let me “see” light better in a couple of months than what I have done in many years.  Learning business from the right coach let me see the intricacy and find clarity of the direction that Tomato Photo is heading.  Gosh… I wish I had done that 8 years ago, but you don’t know what you don’t know… its scary!

I learnt it the hard way like everyone else, going through the same processes and feeling the same and that’s why since late last year, I have kicked off the business talk to share my success stories.  Its my way of giving back to the community.  I hope some of the participants learn how things are can done and take action to change it

Here is some recent feedback from one of my business talks:


Will do more in the future, but please get in touch if you like to join in for the next one when I plan it.


Hart Tan

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