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Baby #3 – Haren’s Family

It is always a joy to be included as part of joyous moment in people’s life. Be it a birthday, wedding, or arrival of a newborn.

I have seen Fredrik and Elaine for the past 5 years to record their growing family. Started with 1 and now baby #3. Newborn Photography is always a beautiful way to preserve memories for your little newborn so they can understand how they look like when they grow up.

It was dark and raining outside… it was dark inside the house, I love the flexibility of control lighting… Beautiful detailed images that will stand scrutiny when printed up 50×80″ is what I am looking for in every single image that I produce.

While I shoot the little newborn, the siblings are running around, throwing tantrums just like any other day… I am glad everything works and beautiful images are captured.

Expertise in handling young children while getting the image quality that Tomato Photo promise is what our clients are looking for.


Love the images and wanted to do the same for your family? contact us and we will guide you through the whole process.


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
8858 0088

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Generation Studio Portrait with Graduation Photos

Tomato Photo started in 2008 concentrate on lifestyle family portrait… outdoor and client’s home. It has since become a norm in Singapore that a beautiful family photos can be done anywhere else.

As time progress, the family I photograph grow up and started to bring more family members such as grandparents, siblings, etc for the session. Fast forward to 2015, lifestyle family photo shoot still majority of my work but more and more clients who is looking to have their memories preserved in our cosy studio.

Studio is always a good spot as it is nice and cool and shelter away from heat, haze or rain…

I tend to do 2 different types of shots for generation portrait, one formal and one relax and happy shots…

The challenge for any family photography is the management of the every single one in the family. As a photographer, you need to willing to invest time to bond with everyone. Experience in getting everyone in the shoot to look happy is something that will help to offer experience to everyone. Beautiful photos are basic requirement to any professional studio.

It is always nice to have everyone in the studio… memories preserved for Kareen’s family.

Give us a call on 8858 0088 or visit our website at to find out how we can help your family to preserve your memories too.


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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Best location for Family Photography – Home

Great images for your family photography session often happen right at your home.

Client usually worry that their home isn’t suitable for the session… I started my career as Interior Photographer and I have photographed thousands of homes and the aim is to make the space looks beautiful as possible. Naturally, I understand how to get the best angle for your home.

It is the essence of a person that I portray in my quest to preserve memories for my clients. Our physical outlook will change by time, but the essence of who we are remains… So it you wonder why my picture looks different… what you are looking at is the person based on my interpretation.

As a Master Photographer, I get 95% of what I need in the camera, leaving 5% of work in photoshop. Children often scratch their face, bump on their head, dirt on the shirt, etc… these are the 5% that I do in editing process. As I manage the shoot to edit to archival myself, there is a continuity and consistency for every single shoot.

I have photographed Melanie & family for many times over the years.

The challenge was to tell a story for this little girl and capture who she is, her “position” in the family… but of course, getting the tweens to smile naturally… last but not least, beautiful family photography right at their home.



I will guide your family through the whole process so you know you always get the best from each shoot.

Like to do one for your family too? contact us today.


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
8858 0088

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Babies milestones… precious memories worth preserving

I was tidying up my file storage for the images that I took of my children for the past 7+ years. Gosh… time certainly flew past too quickly. They just don’t look like how they were anymore. I am glad I had all of those images captured and archived. It is my strong belief that every parent should archive images of their children. Be it on your phone right through to professional photos.

One of the most frequently asked question by clients would be:  “When is the good time to preserve those images for my children?”

Like what Dr Seuss will say… “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

I have compiled a series of major milestone that I tend to capture for clients through photography.

A newborn stage – 5-10 days:

My vision in newborn photography is to record how a baby might look like in mommy’s tummy.

Little Baby Stage – 4- 8 weeks

Understanding when is the best time and how to bring out the best out of baby at this young age usually require a lot of patience as well as expertise in handling the baby. At this age, they are happy, smiley and love interacting with people. Mommy’s sound usually makes them smile.

Little big baby photo session (4-8 months):

I love cute, chubby and happy baby…  I tend to find baby is happy, laugh at silly noises and animated face. Understand what makes them giggles is something I enjoy… editing those smiley face tend to make me smile from the inside… that make me happy. Tummy time, teething, etc makes these little people move their mouth a lot. So there are tonnes of expression to be captured.

9-11 months old baby photo shoot:

At this age, baby tend to be able to sit up independently… but they are a little more aware and picky about who to smile to… but if it is a little girl, daddy or mommy tend to make them smile… little boy love playing rough with daddy… but at the same time, love cuddle with mom. Fat chubby cheek is the most dominant feature of babies at this age…


12-18 months baby photo shoot:

Curiosity is the key with baby at this age group. They are curious about the surrounding, they have the ability to move, crawl, cruise, even the first few steps. These are things that they do that motivate me to capture. I love to observe, allow the child to explore their world and capture the curiosity in them.

24 months and beyond:

They love activities…
they love running around…
they love to explore this world…

I love this shot of my 2nd child who love jumping up and down those steps… so care free, so happy… a world of possibility is under their feet.

These are the first 2.5 years of a child’s life that worth preserving…. you can do it yourself… but we can make it simple for you…

Call us at 8858 0088 have a chat on how we can help or simply email us at



Hart Tan

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Adam – the name behind the beautiful images

Majority of parents love organise a newborn session for their baby but at the back of their mind, they are also worried at the same time. Worried about how the baby will behave during the shoot; how sleep deprived parents will cope and look during the photo session, worried about how the shoot will affect baby’s feeding schedule, and the list goes on. But with Tomato Photo, I address these challenges by offering them beyond a photography session. A photography session with a nanny service:)

I tend to be the nanny during the shoot, I carry the baby, feed the baby, comfort the baby and ensure that they are comfortable through the entire shoot so parents can sit back, relax and enjoy the show… this is what I do in every single shoot so beautiful images can be created for the parents…
With this shoot, nothing is out of ordinary, Adam slept through almost the entire shoot with only a few second of crying… a sign that we need to take a break, feed the baby before we continue…

I am a nervous father, I prefer my baby is comfortable, peaceful and at the same time allow me to create an art of them.

2.5 hours over 80+ images created for Adam… I am one happy photographer and clients just over the moon for the images that they see a few days after the session…. Here is what they wrote on my facebook review section:


I love newborn details, how they look inside mom’s tummy as well as the expression… these are what I am looking for during the shoot… something that will never change through time…

If you would like to understand how you can have those images as a precious gift to your child, contact us TODAY…


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
8858 0088

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