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Studio newborn photography with De Groots

Always nice to hear from a familiar name pop up on the email inbox and it is nice to know the news of new addition for the family that I have photographed previously…

My idea for my photography work is evolve around Feel, Mood and Moment… something that touches me when “see” it happening in front of my eyes…

Newborn Photography has always been a milestone that is always urgent, we have a very small window to get the right images for newborn (under 10 days to be precise). So when clients are looking for award winning fine art newborn images and enjoyable experience and personalised service, Tomato Photo is usually on top of the list.

These are wonderful, thank you so much.
Now the difficult decision of which ones to get printed! – Rachael


I love the look of those beautiful fine art prints and canvases display proudly at their home…


Hart Tan



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Studio Graduation Family Portrait Photography with Tan Family

Graduation of your child is a joyous moment, if you happen to have 3 beautiful girl and the youngest one graduated the university… it is priceless… one day I will get there…

The family came to have a chat to understand how I work and have a look around our photography studio before decide to make the booking as this is an important day in their life… one that they want to remember…

There are many clients nowadays move away from the traditional portrait in favour of natural and relax images and in recent months, We have taken a fair share of graduation session but usually clients bring their own gown.


Now the family have a beautiful large fine art canvas proudly display in their home…



Hart Tan

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Lifestyle newborn photography at home

One of the best part of any newborn photography session is the chat while waiting for the little newborn to feed.

It is great to understand clients better in what form their ideas of this world.


Its always nice to know clients enjoy the session and gotten what they wanted.

Hi Hart,

Thank you. All is good as we enter into the 3rd week of parenthood. Hope all is well at your end too.

We throughly enjoyed the session with you. Seeing and learning from how you were able to handle the baby was a big plus for me. All in all, we could not have asked for anyone better to do this for our firstborn.

The pictures are all so lovely and it’s created a (good) problem for us to make our selection. Would definitely need some time before reverting.

As for the usage of the pictures, it is fine with us so long we can keep the identity anonymous.

Once again, thank you for your time, creativity and passion in creating and capturing these magical moments for our family.



Hart Tan


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When is the best time? Family Photography

This has to be the the “MOST” frequently asked question when I talk to people about their family portrait…

Sure, we all want to look good in the pictures, we wish that we lost another few pounds off, we wish that we could have our hair done nicely, we wish we waited for the “perfect” time to have the session done… but when is the best time? It is about offering your child an insight into the past on the time they spend with us.

When i looked back to the images that I had with my parents, I remember the time I spend with them… I remember the stuff we do together, I remember all other stuff and almost never look at how my parents looks like… because I love them… How they look aren’t going to change how much love I have for them and now I wish I have more picture with my mother. Time simply past too quickly…

I have clients who think their little newborn is too wrinkly and wanted to wait for the baby to be a little chubbier, but only realise it is impossible to capture the newborn like how they were in the tummy once passed 2 weeks
I have clients who think they will wait for their child to be able to sit up, life gets in the way and they finally came when the baby had a little sibling…
I have clients who think they love little first steps picture, by the time I meet them, the child is running around.

We spend a few second here and there doing “things” but rarely we really spend a few minutes sit down and look at people we love… time simply slipped away too quickly.

Newborn is only a newborn when they are less then 3 weeks old… a 6 months old is really a 6 months old when they are not 8 months old… by the time we look back… our children probably graduated their university and get on with their life…

“oh how I wish I had… ” This is part of the sentence I hear way too often… Ultimately, I think anything is the best time to preserve the memories for your children. They might not understand now… but it is your gift to them if you like.

Of course, if you would like to be part of the pictures and think it is “perfect time” to have your pictures taken… a help from professional photographers who understand would be lovely so you know you get the best while enjoying time together….

Anyway… Rod and Claire were shopping around for a newborn photographers and have interviewed a few photographers and decided that my style is something they like… something simple, natural and beautiful.

Claire has a very precise requirement and I love working with clients who have precise requirement, I LOVE the challenge and I work really well under pressure and I know at the end of the day, when the client is totally happy, there is something to celebrate.

Hi Hart,

Thank you so much for the photos – they are fantastic.  Now the hard part is narrowing down which ones to print / put in albums as there are so many good ones to choose! – Claire

At the end, the family have selected a few beautiful 25×28″ frames with exquisite Fine art print for their beautiful home and gift for their parents. These are simple images taken from their home… It is about the feeling of that connection that move me to take those images for them…


Hart Tan


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Home newborn session with chubby bub…

It is always something that prevent us to spend time and preserve memories especially for the little newborn.

Mother always feel that they are not ready, after all, they just had the baby, tired and a lot of uncertainty going on with the little baby. Karen felt the same too… However, there are only so little time to ensure that the best images are captured.

It is a misconception that parents have to do a lot during the newborn session, actually quite the opposite. I tend play an important role, I am the photographer, as well as the main person who is handling the baby right from feeding, cleaning, settling the baby… After hundreds of newborn session, I know newborn like the back of my hand.

Karen is glad that I pushed her to do the session earlier and of course, all products are done within 2 weeks in time for their celebration. Tomato Photo is one of the few studios that offer a very fast turn around time for clients.

Here are some images I capture during the newborn photography session at client’s home.

It is always nice to know that client is really happy with their choice of having Tomato Photo as their trusted partner in preserving their memories…


Hart Tan

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