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Photography Gifts Singapore

Wrap it up and Pop it under the Tree!

What to buy for that person who seems to have it all?  That the dilemma many of us find ourselves in over the festive season. Tomato Photo  have the top gifts that keep on giving, making you the favorite in the family with these thoughtful presents.

Firstly we have to share our personal favorite, the acrylic photo tile. It can help you capture images of special people and moments in your life and make a great custom-designed gift ideas. The image appears to hover on the front of the tile.  Made with UV coated acrylic coated glazing.   Acrylic tiles make a great gift and start at just $299 for a set of three

The 2 – 4 cm depth of the acrylic tile gives the image a luminescent, floating, three-dimensional effect, and the tiles are freestanding, so no hanging is required. Acrylic tiles can be placed inside or outside under a covered area.


For the family member with boring white walls, we have the perfect gift to decorate any area with personal meaning. Canvas Printing, is a process in which a picture of photograph is printed on a piece of high-quality canvas and then stretched around a hardwood frame. Canvas Prints feature in art galleries across the world. Amazing features of the canvas product mean that it has a shelf life of 75+ years, sure to the one of the longest lasting gifts ever received. Prices start from S$350




The most luxurious of gifts  is fine art paper as its an exquisite way of displaying and protecting your images.

We provide museum quality fine art papers and rapid turnaround time, professional print and colour management. Fine art paper is very different from standard paper. Normal paper is made by crushing timber into pulp, then refining it to create paper. While great for photocopying, paper made this way is not suitable for fine art reproduction. The wood pulp contains lots of impurities that reduce the lifespan of the print significantly. Instead of wood pulp, our fine art papers are made from 100% cotton rag. This is high grad cotton which has been rolled into an extremely high quality printing paper. Frame this print with our custom made frames which come in either black or white and you have yourself a true master piece.  Prices starting at $150.00

Frame Fine Art


We see perfection in our albums.  These exquisite pieces are hand crafted each individually and are personally designed to meet the clients exact tastes by our in house designer.  Clients are encouraged to give input to the styling and layout of the  albums, creating their own personal masterpiece.  Its perfect to keep all of your loved ones memories in one place.  Prices starting from $600



Whether its Christmas or Chinese New Year or your loved ones Birthdays – we have your covered. What’s best is the personal impact these gifts make. Its thoughtfulness and long lasting nature will make it truly the best gift ever received. Give us a call to discuss your options when it comes to gift giving. Call us on +65 6440 7567.  We also recommend our personalized Gift Vouchers for those of you who want to give your loved ones the ultimate choice !



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Photography Gift Voucher – Family Photography Singapore

It’s that time of year when you start to wonder what do I get my loved ones for Christmas.  Instead of hitting the busy malls of Singapore, do the really thoughtful thing: get them a gift card.

Gift cards are the most personal present their is. It’s the gift of freedom to buy whatever you want.  Not only are you giving your loved one the freedom to purchase what they love, but when they look at their new photography purchases you will always spring to mind as that kind ever caring friend who gave them the best gift.

Gift cards are perfect for those who seem to have everything yet, want for nothing.  By giving them a Tomato Photo gift card you are giving them the opportunity to preserve those precious family memories.  Soon their walls will be lined with beautiful imagery of the people they cherish the most and you are the thoughtful soul who made it all happen for them.  Whats more, a gift card ensures that they will end up with the something they absolutely love.  Watch their face as they open the gift card – they will be brimming with the possibilities of what the photos will turn out like.  Gift cards are often thought of as too pragmatic, but really they are guaranteed to impress.

Every family needs to capture those cherished memories, yet so many often simply don’t get around to it and setting a date to get the shoot done.  A Christmas gift card could mean that they get the chance to use the festive holidays to book in time for a family photo shoot.  Help your loved ones find the time to capture the everyday memories of their beloved children and extended family.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like a personalised gift card and photo shoot from Tomato Photo.  We are open throughout the Festive Season 2015 and look forward to shooting you and your family these holidays. We have something to meet every type of budget… your gift sorted with Tomato Photo.

See more of my work in my website for Big Family Photography or Outdoor Family Photography.

We can be reached on 8858 0088 or send us an email at


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
7 Joo Chiat Place, S427742

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Home – a Perfect place – Newborn Photography Singapore

There is no place like home when its time to nest…

Many Mums and Mum-to-be know that nesting feeling they get just before and after baby is born.  You feel so safe and comfortable in your own home as you adjust to your new little bundle of joy.  Many new Mums are also taking care to heal the wounds of labour and c- sections which means they need to stay at home and rest as much as they can.  This is when you most appreciate that Hart Tan from Tomato Photo can come to your home and work his photography to preserve the memories of your little newborn.

Picture this you and your husband just got home from the hospital with your tiny newborn. You know these moments won’t last long and in a matter of weeks your precious bundle will no longer be a newborn. You are looking forward to your newborn photography session in a couple of days; you are so glad your photographer is willing to do the session in the comfort of your own home, it takes so much of the stress out of taking pictures. That exactly what you want for your baby, a stress free and loving environment as they get to know this new world all around them

Many Mums in Singapore find themselves on confinement and are unable to leave their home for the first month after giving birth for health reasons.  This is also perfect for those who want those newborn shots but don’t want to break the confinement period.  Dads also like the fact that photography can be done at home as they can relax and are more open to those embracing shots with their wife and baby.  Having the shoot at home means total convenience as you have all of babies items and comforts all around you.  Their is no need to pack up that big baby bag and pram and track down a taxi, simple sit on your sofa and let Hart do all the work.

Time is not a factor.  At Tomato Photo, we are perfectionists and this means that Hart will often spend a few hours at your home until he captures the right shot of your new little love.  Plenty of times means that you can feed, change and burp baby so that they are happy little posers.  Our home sessions are all about comfort, family and bonding which can be achieved in this stress free environment

Looking at these images its hard to believe that we are not in a studio….

Its all about memories, one day your now grown up baby can see where and how you lived at the time of their birth…..

Tomato Photo will create a relaxing and peaceful environment in the comfort of your own home while you simply relax and enjoy the show.

Client will get our signature Fine Art newborn photography as well as the lifestyle newborn photography with the family.

Last but not least…  clients testimonial from both Mom & Dad for Hart’s work just tells you why he is always highly sought after…


Team Tomato
8858 0088

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Tomato Photo 3 in 1 Studio – Family Portrait Photographer Singapore

Success in the  Studio

We always take photos on our phones as it is so convenient to capture that candid shot.  We can then share these on social media or WatsApp, but what if we want  something larger for our walls or desks? We can’t use our phones anymore and its at this  point in time when most of our clients give us a call.  When it comes to family portraits we want to create something that our clients can treasure and be proud to show off.  These photos should be invaluable and capture the every day connections and strong relations within the family unit.  This is when our studio is the first place our clients turn, we have all the reasons for you to consider our studio as your one stop shop to capturing precious memories to last you a lifetime….

Here is a quick and easy reference list for why our studio sessions are so popular

Its all about Weather and Convenience

If a photo is being taken outdoors, you can’t control what the weather will do. Our studio has temperature control with air-condition and comfy sofa’s for those in-between action shots.  Convenience wise for young children this is a great option with toilets and toys nearby.  Located in the trendy Joo Chiat historical precint, we can give you beautiful shots in front of the old Singaporean shop houses so that you have a unique cultural perspective, perfect for those expat clientele who want to capture their time in Singapore or simply Singaporean who feel strongly about their own culture.

Relax and natural poses

Its timeless to shoot in a studio.  You can create any look or feel you desire to get that relax outcome.  In the studio you are the centre of attention in the shot with emphasis on a particular moment captured, the location can at times steal from this concept.  Photos shot in a photography studio can be 3 different type, a more formal and time-tested look, relax happy images using natural light in the studio, as well as those outdoor shots just around the studio with Joo Chiat’s Character . The a combination of the 3 type of images in 1 single location will be cherished by your family for generations to come.  When you’re going for a formal, professional look in your photo, a photo studio setting is hard to beat. All of the elements can be managed to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it.

Perfection in Lighting

At Tomato Photo, Hart is a master of lighting, he create different classy studio flash that add glamour and beauty in your images, natural light control to give you the soft and comfy look and beautiful combination of outdoor location, a 3 in 1 session makes Tomato Photo the most unique studio to date.  What most clients don’t know is that the camera flash in the studio can be the best make up artist ever.  When using the flash the photographer can control the brightness and play up strong areas and hide unwanted shadows on the face and body.  This is the perfect way to enhance those areas that a client loves such as a beautiful pregnant belly or the colour of your toddlers cute curly hair.  Lighting can also control the background of the shoot giving you more options for posing and interacting with family members.  Think of lighting as the perfect canvas for any artists masterpiece.

Its all about the Experience

The studio is that perfect happy medium for all ages of the family group.  Studio experiences are also more organised, flowing and serene. Remember our studio also offer a myriad of outdoor backdrop just around the corner from the studio, literary.  Tranquility and comfort translate in front of the camera into perfect casual timeless photography.  They have a composed energy and give clients the opportunity to interact in a calm and relaxed manner.  A good photographer focuses on the clients experience cause they know that its this happy experience that translates so well on film.  Shoots should never be rushed and communication between family members and the photographer should be encouraged.  In a studio your photographer can capture shots before your little ones attention span runs out which is very important for those ever cherish family group shots.


See more on our website for Family Studio Photography.


Team Tomato
8858 0088
7 Joo Chiat Place, S427742

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Top 5 Newborn Favorites – Newborn Photography Singapore

1.  Posed vs Lifestyle: Know Your Expectations

There are essentially two types of newborn photography – posed/studio & lifestyle.  I love both for different reasons.  However, it is important to know what type are envisioning for your shoot.

Perfectly Posed Pics- typically must be done within the first 10 days of birth when the baby is very sleepy and “mold-able”.  The focus in this type of session is on shots of the baby looking perfect, usually in blankets, wraps, hats, & headbands.  The session can last up to 4 hours with feeding, potty breaks, and posing, here at Tomato Photo we don’t rush this process.

Real Moments – This is a bit more casual approach to newborn photography and our personal favourite here at Tomato Photo.    There may be some posing but the intention is to capture more natural images of the baby with their parents in a natural environment such as home.  These sessions can be done up to 6 weeks old and usually last 1-2 hours max.  The focus of this sort of shoot is to capture and preserve memories of family members engaging and celebrating this new life.

Here at Tomato Photo we value both these sorts of shoots and can easily accommodate a session the captures both styles.  Just let us know your expectations and we will help you to turn the moment into memories.

2.  Let the Baby Inspire the shoot…

The best images are unplanned and inspired by the uniqueness of each baby.  Whether it is cute dimples, big beautiful eyes, full lips, or a great head of hair, try to highlight the beauty of the baby. We will work with you as the parents to ensure that we capture those amazing moments and unique features of your baby to ensure your memories last a life time.  At Tomato Photo we believe that this its all about being in the moment.  This means that we give the newborn time and space to  move, yawn, and stretch.  Babies have wonderful, perfect, sweet movements.

3.  Mums the word – Mothers work the hardest and they love the hardest too.  Mum is always behind the camera taking snaps of every adorable moment of your baby.  This is an important opportunity to get in front of the lens and capture those shots that define and outline your love for your newborn.  Get close, cuddle and aw at your little one as the photographer snaps away.  Don’t by shy this is your opportunity to shine too.  Let us know and we can assist you to plan your make up and hair for the shoot as we know that new mums are too busy to worry about such pesky issues.

4.  Siblings bring new depth to your images

If  your newborn has a proud older brother or sister, its a great idea to  incorporate them into the shoot.  Its always a good idea to have the older sibling ready to go first.  This means that we can shot the sibling while they are excited and able to concentrate.  Once we have some great individual shots of the sibling  we then let them go play while we focus the session on the newborn.  Toddlers simply don’t have the attention span to sit quietly and wait while the newborn or setup for each shot.  Once we have great shots of the newborn we can bring the toddler back in again towards the end of the shoot for shots of the siblings together.

5.  Enjoy the experience.  A session with your newborn should not be stressful or exhausting, but rather a bonding experience for the family.  We will give you plenty of time and space to feed, change and burp your baby.  A relaxed Mummy means that the baby will be more receptive.  We encourage Mum and Dad to simply take a seat on the sofa and relax while we shoot your newborn in the setting and style that you envision.

See more of our newborn photography work in our website for our Signature Fine Art, Home Newborn Photography or Studio Newborn Photography.

Make memories with your family while we capture and preserve it for you.



Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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