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Why we do what we do?

There are days that are better then the other, there are days that you feel 10000%, but there are days that you questions why you do what you do?

I was sitting down yesterday with my team and we wrote down the reason behind our existence.

Here are things that comes out…
For the love of photography? yes, but is this sufficient enough to encourage us forward?
For the benefit of monetary gain? yes, but I think once you have reach a base point where basic necessities are met and saving is start building, this isn’t going to push us harder?

We sit on it for 5 minutes and I believe we reach an anonymous decision that why we exist is because it is the joy within ourselves that we can “Preserving memories and touching lives… “ that radiate well within our team and it is the common goal that we have been working towards.

More changes are on the way and I am glad we are heading to the right direction.

Shooting a family makes me happy, editing the images while looking at those happy face? what not to like about what we do?

Here is a recent session at Garden By the Bay…


Hart Tan

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Seeking refuge…

Sometimes I wonder my purpose in life… like heartbeat, life is full of up and down… It isn’t always a smooth sailing…

Somehow, I feel “lighter” when I see genuine smile and a beautiful connection between the family.

This has to be the biggest benefit of being a photographer… finding refuge in their own little world… it is the transparent cave that I crave.


Every time I step in my “zone”, it felt life is full of possibility… it is exhilarating when emotion can be expressed in a tangible way, moreover, when that expression touch someone’s life… that’s a purpose of my life I suppose…

What I am looking for, is something unique… it is something that you feel about the individual on how they “connect”… something magical that keep me going back for more.

A simple shoot for Yvonne was like a chit chat with friends who have similar understanding in “expressing the emotion” through photography…



Last but not least… I love it when clients find time and effort to leave me a feedback…



Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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Family holiday 2015…

Every year, many families including ours planning for holiday either locally or within the region or some place far away…

Holiday is an interesting way to relax, spending time together, recharge, refresh and ready to tackle what’s ahead of us when we are back.

Our children loves animal, playground and intrigue with natural and we love some where that is quiet, some place to think.

Pictures are great way to remember what we do, where we go, food we eat, and most importantly, what our kids do… I love capturing what our kids do as that reminds me of who they were as they grow… It is always a great pleasure to see those images of them growing up. I tend to organise those picture in an album with images that I took of them… they could tell me so much details about our holiday that we did years ago and I thought, their memories are good but only discover that they co-sleeping with those album from time to time. That gives me the motivation to keep doing it and best part of being a photographer, I have an in-house album designer who can take on the job for me… if left to me, nothing will be done.

However, for those who know how, have the time and willing to do it themselves… there are a few album printers in Singapore/Malaysia… (I have not tried them, but they seems to be legit, check them out before making a purchase…)

1. Photo Genie –
2. Photobook –
3. Photobookmart –
4. Fotohub –

I have help some of my clients to do the same using the resources that we have to get their holiday pictures organised. It is the part of what I believe in preserving memories… helping others to have something tangible to remember their holiday with. So why don’t email us if you simply want something to keep yet find it difficult to jungle everything yourself while have the layout done by professional album designer?



Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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Landscape editing tips… – Color balance

More often then not, when we look at a scene when are are on holiday and our mind perceive how it looks but only let down by the camera for its ability to “think” like we do…

Of course, it is not wrong to have the image in “cooler” or “warmer”, it is simply a personal preferences.

With digital photography, we have more control nowadays…

Here is how I merge the “warm late evening glow” with the glorious OZ blue sky using mask.

This is to show you how the 3 image compare. the top is the composite and the bottom two was with different – color temperature or White balance.

A simple edit to get something close to what my mind perceived.

Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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9 Facts that Business is like driving…

Sadly, in this world today, we are glued to the screen and whatever the information that it feeds us… we all know that we should look away…

Driving though, forces you to put them down and concentrate on driving…

So naturally, being more of an outdoor family photographer, I spend a lot of time on the road, that gives me time to think, to feel, to come out with ideas… most of them by drawing the similarity in the traffic and business… Just stating some fact and not offering much solution because I feel solution is unique to individual and part of the “Fun” is to figure things out.

Like business or photography, when we just started, we stumble, we constantly looking at those “setting” and worrying that we don’t do the “right things”. We may do a few “wrong” things here and there… as we progress along, we feel more in control, we know our shit!!! finally…

But after years and years on the road, I discover a few things that I thought relevant in set you thinking in running your business…

1. If you follow the leader of the pack, you can’t see what is in front of them – just think driving behind a big trucks.
2. There are many cars on the road, but they don’t actually do much to the state of your mind and where you are trying to go… but sometimes, those are distractions that is difficult to ignore for many. One may criticize how one is driving, how one SHOULD drive, etc…
3. It is easier to switch lane when you are moving and in full control of your own situation… at the same time, it is very difficult to move out of the non-moving state…
4. Outer lane, though dedicated to faster moving traffic isn’t always the fastest lane.
5. Going fast isn’t always make you reaching your goal faster.
6. Going slower, enjoying the view while you drive and having clear understanding of what the traffic condition gives is more enjoyable and more control on how you use your resources to get to a point.
7. It is wasteful to drive abruptly… like stepping on gas too fast, breaking too hard, etc…
8. Strategy and conserving resources allow you to move consistently without getting caught in situation
9. Be aware of what’s around them, but don’t overly worry about your surrounding.
At the end of the day… we do get to a point that we want to go… the journey is rather important… I prefer going slower, enjoy the ride and get to the point in the time frame that I wanted. What’s yours?


Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer

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