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First post for 2017…

Well well… It took a month for me to write the first post… No, I am not that busy that prevent me to write the post, but rather finding the inspiration on the right topic that mean something to me and hopefully bring values for people who reads it…

We are 33 days into 2017 and I learn so much about new things… perhaps a little wiser I might add…

One of the things I learn is the meaning of the word CONGRUENT… No, it isn’t about the dictionary meaning, but it is almost a guiding light that bring Actions to support the WORD that we speak or write and most importantly the VISION in life.

Running 2 extremely successful photography businesses isn’t about luck, or only about knowing what to do in business… it is more of it…

It is that small little things… it is not even visible… but it is one of the key factor in the success in anything that you choose for your life…

Let’s rewind back to 2008 where we started Tomato Photo, back than, I believe in getting the images that mean something to parents like myself… I don’t know anything about ART… it simply a simple urge to make sure other parents can have what I have… an evident of how my children looks like in their growing up process… that was it…

Fast forward a few years from 2008… the work is picking up so much that late nights and long hours of working become somewhat a pain and at that point, I started to lose the VISION why I started Tomato Photo in the first place… sure, bank manager loves me… but deep down, I felt the emptiness… It was then, things started to change… I believe that MORE parents should have the memories of their children preserved, BUT, I can’t do it all…

4+ years ago, Bambini Photography was born… Fast forward today, it took them just 4 years to achieve more shoots and higher success than Tomato Photo in 8+ years… and I am forever grateful for all the team members both in Tomato Photo and Bambini Photography… because through them, I can achieve my VISION of letting more parents preserves their memories while I have TIME for my own family and TIME to build another business with partners that share the same VISION of letting businesses to do well that feeds every team members that supports it… these people have dreams that allow them to get up in the morning, sacrifice their time away from their family to achieve that… and I want to be part of it.

In the same process, I have the privilege to share my knowledge with my peers (some might call it competitors), some accept it, some think I am crazy and some other things… some choose to do something and well some choose otherwise…

Anyway… The success lies in everything I do every second when I am in my shoots, or guiding my team or mentoring my photographers is the being congruence in what I say and what I do… It is that simple…

I learn that, we have to be congruence with ourselves… that is arrive “On-Time” to every single Goals that we set in life…


Hart Tan

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The benefits of a mini shoot

mini-photography_shoots_sgOne of my favorite clients once told me that the mini shoots work better for her.  With two little toddlers she simply loved the idea of a quick shoot to capture and freeze that moment in her little ones life time and then be at home in time ready for that all important nap or AKA down time for mum.  Mini shoots do have their benefits, firstly they are family friendly, budget friendly and a great way to save your memories between those annual big family photo shoots.
They act as a great way to quickly incorporate special occasion and themes without the theme taking over the whole shoot.  We are running the Christmas mini shoots for this exact reason.  You get the Christmas feel in your shots with the whole photo shoot being about Christmas.  Themes for major shoots can be too dominating and take away from the overall feel and look of the images.  For family photography you sometimes want a neutral undertone so that the photos don’t date or seem to orchestrated.
Most of my clients will see me once or twice a year for their family photos.  They, like me believe in the importance of capturing the family unit as it grows and time speeds along.  However there are many who ask for mini shoots as an in-between or mid year booster for the family album and that’s where our idea for the Christmas shoots came along.
The purpose of photos is to try and save a moment in time, for most it is hard to only capture one moment a year, if you are like me I want to capture nearly every day of my three kids lives.  Its an opportunity to press pause which is impossible in real life with three active little boys.  My photography is my outlet to let love in and save it close to my heart to review and reflect again and again when flipping through family photo albums.

As they say time flies by, don’t let is pass you buy and invest in a mini shoot this month.  Documenting your children’s precious moments is never the wrong choice

Give us call to discuss the options for your mini shoot this month.  Call our studio at 6440 7567 or SMS us at 8800  8858


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Why we shoot in black and white

 Colour can distract
Clothing, busy background and colour objects can take away from the moment of the photo.  The black and white images allow your brain to focus only on the main element of the photo and the emotional message is more easily conveyed as our brains become more perceptive and focused on the images core itself.  Taking away distractions gives you a focused image that is often more powerful and spectacular

You’ll See Light Differently
With outdoor lighting in particular, you will miss out on that golden afternoon glow but you will also gain a more focused shot.  The shot will lead your eye to  focus more on the direction, quantity and quality of light in the black and white shot.  As a photographer learning how to read and play with different elements of light in this way is a fantastic skill that helps play up emotion in the shot. The relationship between the starkness of the light and dark can be more interesting to shoot than the regular colour shots.  Light and the relationship with my subject (and the shadows that form) as well as other complementary elements of the individual become the focus, rather than the colour of elements in the frame
It Helps Emphasize Emotion
Looking at someone’s face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of color can provide a stronger emotional connection to the subject. It’s not necessarily always the case, but if like me, you often feel more connected to a person in a black and white image over a color image, this could be the reason why. With color gone, it’s purely about the connection you have with the subject.  The color of the trees and shrubs, buildings and lamp posts are all irrelevant as the focus becomes the emotional bond between the embracing family.

Its a classic
One of the most common reasons people want to shoot in black and white today is because it lends a certain timeless quality to the images. This is because we still think of black and white as being a throwback to the photographic past. Of course, it is in terms of black and white was much more prevalent before color, but this is still a great reason to shoot black and white. Black and white never seems to fade from being fashion forward and its seen as an elegant and sophisticated choice by many of my clients


It Amplifies your use of space
Negative space – the areas of the frame that have nothing in them, are easier to showcase and highlight when shooting black and white. This relates back to minimizing distractions from not shooting in color. You tend to focus on light and dark areas of the frame – and their inter-relationship. Playing with negative space is also useful in separating your subject nicely from the background and give added depth to the image.  Black and white can help to highlight a shape and form or pattern in the image that might be overlooked in a full colour image.

To Highlight Beauty and Skin Tones
It doesn’t matter what race, color or background you happen to be – black and white photography provides wonderful tonal range between the deepest blacks and the whitest whites. Garishly colorful makeup is no longer distracting.  Pigments, discoloration and distracting elements of the skin can become less obvious. I particularly love this when I am emphasizing a newborns skin and wrinkles.  Its that light bath or glow if you like that separates the baby from everything else and proves to shape our attention directly at the newborn


Love the black and white look? Give us a call today to discuss what you want from your next photo shoot.  TEL: 8858 0088 or email us at


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Treasure the Time through Photography


Parents, Grandparents and elders have stopped me over the  years to tell me the same thing: cherish every moment. It goes too fast. One day they are little and the next, they’re not. They say it while staring fondly, wistfully, at my kids. Watching their faces, I can tell that some part of them is replaying a memory of when their  own children were small and needed them more.  This for me is the reason why I love what I do as a photographer.  I am able to help parents capture these moments that fly by in an eternal print and frame.  We can savor our memories of our young children by looking loving at an old photograph of them just being themselves.  Photographs give you that personal insight into their state of mind and capabilities at that specific time.  A photograph inspires our memory, brings back a particular smell or feeling we had in that moment and for every parent that instant insight is priceless.




Parents come back each year for that annual shoot time and time again as they recognize how the fast the special moments of their little ones childhoods fly by.  Photos help you treasure and relive these moments as you reflect back on the growth and achievements of your children over the days, months and years.



Perhaps the best quote I have heard this week is that “they are older today than yesterday and time is not slowing down.”   All we can do is preserve time and this is what Tomato Photo does best.



Interested in preserving your family memories? Then give us a call to schedule in your annual shoot TEL: 8858 0088

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Beachy Backdrops are the Best

Visiting the beach is always a great bonding activity so here are some tips for the ultimate family outdoor photos.

Take photographs with the sea as your focus.

We love shots when the kids and parents are frolicking in the waves and enjoying the sea breeze.  Don’t be afraid to get in around knee deep and splash your family in fun and entertaining moments.

Ready Set Action!

Any photographs with your pets or local wildlife in them alludes to freedom and fun. Capture these moments with your child, and the memories would be for life. Shots of children playing with birds or their beloved pooch display the innocence and fun of childhood.  For Mums and girls remember to have spare hair-tie on hand in case its gets too windy.  You don’t want your face to be covered in hair in all your family shots

Write it in the sand…

Visually document their writing skills their young handwriting and snap away at the proud pose when they realize  they can spell their names.  Include all the families name to mark a moment in time when you were all together and playful

Use the sunrise to enhance your image

Take advantage of silhouette shots using the natural lighting and shadows.  Use all the colours of the sunrise to create dimension and depth to your family photos.  Remember your sunblock for any outdoor shoot!


Take a family photo while holding hands

Take group shots of the family holding onto each other and walking away from the camera to show the unity and love shared between members




Interested in a beach shoot with Hart? Give us a call on 8858 0088 to schedule your family photos. 



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