It is always a dream to do what I love to do, and making every little steps through the last 9 years of being a professional photographers have a lot of up and down. It isn’t always the easiest profession to be in, but I love every second of it.

Tomato Photo is officially 5 years old as of 8th March 2013.

I am really happy how a little dream we had 5 years ago blooming into a bigger dream each year and truly understand the whole idea of “dream big” and “sky is the limit”.

I don’t like to go out of my comfort zone, however, a simple dream allow me to step outside of my comfort zone and embark into another chapter… It is much like a child in unfamiliar territories… scary yet exciting… possibilities, challenges and it opens up every senses to feel new things, to experience new environment and to understand new cultures… it is amazingly refreshing…

I started to advertise my service in Hong Kong 6 months ago and to my surprise, Audrey actually found me from google and took a liking on my work.

Started my morning early, left the hotel and took MTR to Causeway Bay and walk to the location… (I love walking in HK as it allows me to see different things).

The main objectives for the session are family photos as well as connection of the 2 children. It may sounds simple to have everyone look at the camera and smile… in practice, everything happen in split seconds.

As we know, children don’t generally play together until they are 3-5 years old, anything below it, they are more interested in their own world and prefer to play alone. So it is not the easiest task in the first place. But I love challenge… it ends with the elder daughter insist that I read her a story book before I go… so I read her the teddy bear story that she adore.

I am glad Audrey love the images and this is a paragraph she wrote me in the email:

The pictures are beautiful. I especially love the ones taken in my bedroom. Its amazing how you manage to make my little baby look at the camera AND SMILE at the same time. I have high expectation on you and you still manage exceed it. Thank you so much for capturing these priceless moments of my family. I always want to record the heart melting smiles and expressions of my girls and you do that just perfectly. Am sure they will be cherished for the years to come.

It really nice to know I have done a good job…

I will be back to Hong Kong for sure… and I hope I will have more clients who would love to have their memories preserve through my photography.

I leave you guys with some images from the session….