Tomato Photo – First 10 Years – Family and Newborn Portrait Photographer

Over the past 10 years, it has been a privilege to be trusted by more than 2200 families big and small, ranging from days old newborn babies to centenarians, from happy celebrations to family members whose days are numbered.

We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2018 and it has been a roller coaster ride this far!

At almost every turn, We encounter both good and bad news. The astrologers would argue that the planets are in retrograde for quite a while this year….

My take is …. come what may, life still goes on.

Sooooo… what’s happening?

Let’s start with

1. Tomato Photo’s Journey…

We started in 2008 and many said we won’t make it, but we persevered, kept going, worked hard and work smart, and here we are, 10 years later… we are still going strong. The good news is that we can make a living out of what we do at Tomato Photo and help charity at the same time.

Charity is part of my life as I have seen my mother pass away from Motor Neuron Disease and my younger brother from APlastic Anemia. Donating to charities has always been what we do behind the scenes as we felt there was never a need to publicize this. But we were wrong…

The other piece of good news is, we have the skills to do good and help others in need. On our 10th year, this year, the special Black and White Project was born. We pledge to raise $9900 for Make a Wish Foundation to help in our little way to raise funds so more wishes can be fulfilled.

The bad news is… we are still far from our target. This special project have so far raised over $2000 and we have less than 30 days to go for this project.

Your help is definitely needed. Plan a shoot with your family, your pets, your friends, purchase as a gift to your friends and family… Shoot is $138 and $100 goes into the Make A Wish Foundation. More details here on this link.

2. Studio Relocation for the 4th and Final Time.

The good news is that I have finally found a suitable place to move my studio to Permanently….

It’ll have

a) Lift landing that is wheelchair and stroller friendly for clients

b) Sheltered lobby and access areas for clients to move in and out with ease, rain or shine.

c) It’s right next to our sister studio, Bambini Photography where we can now consolidate our resources in one location

d) Have plenty of parking for clients

e) Able to do studio, garden, pool and urban shots in this location.

The bad news is… I will be leaving my current charming studio at hIstorical Joo Chiat by end of November. I’ll certainly miss the convenience of shooting in studio and heading just outside to include a piece of historic Singapore into the portraits.

For those of you who haven’t shot with me at the Joo Chiat studio, this is the last call for you to do a shoot here before we move into our permanent home in Ubi.

3. Fulfilling Goals and Dreams

Every year for the past 9 years, we have worked through the whole month of December to ensure everyone gets a slot to preserve memories of families who gather and reunite around the Christmas, New Year Season.

This year, the bad news is that I will have very limited slots this December as I will be away from mid December till the end of the year. I will be helping my butterfly obsessed son achieve the last leg of his goal to visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Mexico.

The good news is that

a) I am proud that he managed to achieve the first part of his goal by learning some basic Spanish in preparation for this journey;

b) Saved for a few years to be able to afford his air ticket to get to and back Mexico;

c) I am able to practice goal setting and realization of goals and dreams with my son;

d) Spend quality time with him before he reaches the challenging pre-teen/ teen phase of his life.

e) Finally fulfilling his dreams by chaperoning him to the destination of his dreams…ahem, and me exploring the Mayan civilisation and history at the same time 😬.

So if you are planning your next family shoot with us, there are plenty of reasons to book your family photoshoot earlier this year, either:

1) Make A Wish Foundation through the Black and White Project before October 2018; or

2) By shooting in the Joo Chiat studio before we move out in late November; or

3) Simply to plan your shoot to be done in the brand spanking new studio in early December.

I am heading off on 18 Dec all the way to 1 Jan 2019.
⚡️Hurry and start planning for your family shoot now.⚡️

Ok, I Get It !

You love to wait for the perfect moment so you have a special photoshoot to celebrate it. A special Birthday, Anniversary etc… Don’t put it off to the last minute to schedule the session of your choice.

How about already having a gift voucher that you can use when you are ready to?

We always make things easy… Just click on the image below, whip out your card and key in your details and Voila! You’ve got yourself a gift voucher..

Our beautifully presented vouchers will be sent to you or your loved ones via mail and arrive in the nick of time.

5 Reasons For Doing A Pet Family Photoshoot in Studio or On-Location

Over my long career of photographing families, the term pet family photoshoot kept popping up. Maybe because Pet Photography has established itself as another genre of its own and the thought of combining pet photography and family photography started to manifest itself. I have had many families asking me if they can include their pet dog or cats in their Family Portrait Session. The answer would definitely be “Sure! Bring them along!!!”

Not only are your dogs a huge part of your family, they are also one of your key members. They are companions, they are playmates, they have strong bond to the family members. They certainly add to the dynamics to any family shoot.

I got to learn about the term ‘fur kid’ only couple of years ago through an incoming email asking if I welcome ‘fur kids’. That was when I had to google to find out what it meant… LOL..

The only pet I had was having and breeding lots of fish when I was a kid. Running around drains catching worms to feed my large supply of fishes. As I left home to further my studies in Australia, I kept an eastern long neck turtle.

Looking back, it seems that the type of pets I have seem to be scaly water type pets. I haven’t had a furry type of pet like a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig before. So, the term ‘Fur kid’ just didn’t resonate at that point of time.

Nevertheless, as I began to photograph more couples or families with pet dogs or cats, I began to sense the deep connection between the pets, the baby and the family.

The interaction between the baby and the dog are clearly phenomenal…. almost like best buddies.

The laughter and excitement sparkles on the children’s eyes as they interact with their favorite pooch. These interactions are so natural that it helps any photographer capture that perfect shot in any pet family photoshoot. Furthermore, a pet is a great photographers assistant as they relax the environment and create love and connection between the family.

So here is the top 5 reasons why you should be doing your next family shoot with your pet in our studio, at your home or on-location.

1. They are part of your family.

Let’s face it, way before you have your own child, your pet is very much part of you and when the baby came along, you introduce the baby to your pet just like you introduce your baby to the rest of the family and extended family. You love your pet and they are part of your family.

2. You want to remember them.

Humans will out live their pet. Dog’s life is rather short, we make comparison of 1 year in dog’s life is very much about 7 of human’s. So by the time they reach 5-6 years old, they are mature and some what less active as we saw in some of the breed. While we celebrate our life, we want to make sure every part of our life is being captured, that include your pet. After 10 years of photographing thousands of families, I can always feel the sadness when they point out the pets that they used to have and lost them because of old age.

3. Kids love to play with them.

One of the way to get the kiddo to be engaged for the duration of the family photo shoot is to introduce their pets. They love them and you know kids’ love are boundless and I love watch them play, I love the connection that they share and I love they treat their pet just like their best buddies.

Be sure to have those captured and have them for your kiddo when they grow up. Sometimes, the pet understand the child more than we do and they often cheer up the child. So bring your pets for the next family photoshoot.

4. You love them as much as your own child.

You know deep down, they hold that special place in your heart when it comes to pet. They don’t talk back, they are there to cuddle with you when you are sad, spending time with you when you are alone and they are faithful to you as their family too. Perhaps you have told them secrets that you never told anyone because pets are the best at keeping your secret because they don’t share the same language as human.

5. It is part of your children’s memories.

It is especially true if you had your first child and there is no one else… just mummy, daddy, me and my pet. This is a shared bond and love between them.

Have it for your child… after all having your family photoshoot done with your pet is an activity that promotes bonding and connection. It is a perfect activity when it comes to having the memories that can be passed down to your child.

Graduation Photo Shoot 2018

Graduation Season Now In Full Swing

To all Graduates, you and your families are probably busy getting ready for the big day. For many of you, this day will be one of the biggest milestones in your life. The years of investing your time, energy, finances and hard work throughout your educational journey has finally come to fruition, and this calls for a celebration!
As you celebrate this achievement, it is also important to take a step back and recognise the special people in your life who have supported you throughout your journey to get to this point..
Your Parents.
It is time to do something special for them… Something every parent wants, but will say “no need” to. Celebrate your success with them and make them proud.
During my own graduation back in those days, I remember that all my parents wanted was a nice portrait for them to hang at home and look back on and to say… “I have succeeded in my life in bringing up a child to become someone special.”
One of the greatest gifts that you could offer your parents is the gift of memories. Tangible memories for keeps. Memories that they can proudly display at home for all to see.

To the parents of Graduates, perhaps your last family photoshoot was done when they were little children? You may have been waiting for this opportunity to take a much overdue extended family photo to mark your achievements for the years of hard work in providing for your children and giving them the knowledge and tools to grow up and be self sufficient, successful individuals. If your own parents are around, bring them along as well and celebrate 3 or perhaps 4 generations of success!

Sometimes life requires us to wear many hats… Not forgetting Graduates who have had to manage their time and resources to juggle their studies and raise their families, sometimes whilst holding down full-time jobs at the same time! It is no easy feat – you and your supportive families definitely deserve to be celebrated!

Tomato Photo has a small collection of academic dress available for use during our family and graduation photoshoots. We also have an alternative studio that can fit 40+ pax as well as a lift landing which provides convenience for elderly folks who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs.
All you need to do is book a date and time with us and we will guide you through the whole process, starting from any preparations prior to the photoshoot right down to having that canvas of the family portrait hanging proudly in your living room.
Let’s tick this off your bucket list together. It’s easy… that’s our promise.
click to view more Graduation Photos

Now… How many of you thought about that much needed update to your family/extended family photos on the wall?

One of the top reasons why people come and take picture is usually to do with milestones or leaving a legacy for the following generations to remember.

Although you may not need one now, perhaps you know someone who needs it…

Forward this email to them, so they can benefit from the special that we are offering at the moment.

Alternatively, if you feel like dropping a super big hint on your family to update the family photos, then tap below to purchase a gift voucher for them.

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Charity + Mother’s Day = Perfect Gift

Celebrating 10th Year Anniversary.

Through the past 10 years, It is a privilege to be trusted by more than 2200 families big and small ranging from days old newborn baby to centenarian from happy celebration to family that have family member who’s days are numbered.

Charity is part of my life as I have seen my own mother passed away from Motor Neuron Disease and my younger brother from APlastic Anemia. However, donating to charity is always what we do behind the scene as we feel there is no need to publicise this. But I was wrong…

After talking to these charity organisations, I recognize that these charity organisations needed as much public awareness as donation and I hope to do my little part to support them and your help is crucial to the success of this charity drive. So…

Your Help is Needed !!!

Black & White Charity Mini Session with the hope to raise $100/shoot to support

What A Better Way To Have A Session to
Celebrate Mother’s Day and Benefits Charity At The Same Time?

For More Details and Info, please click on the follow link

Black & White Charity Shoot 

Behind The Scenes

With Belinda Huber and Lynn for this Charity Drive

Family Photography Session with Cece & Chris

It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces walk through the studio for family photography again.

Through out the conversation, Chris and Cecelia told me that they put their families memories on the very top of their priorities list.


One way to remember how their kids looks like is through photorgraphy as it serve as a record.


We watch our children growing up every second of our life and photograph allow us to “compare” how they look now and a few months or years ago.


When I first met their little princess, she was sitting up and yet to take her first step and Alex was in his “toothless” years.

Of course like any shoots that involve young children, there are a lot of unexpected challenges.

One of the challenge is to ensure children are well rested before the session… but of course, as parents, you know deep down, they will likely not going to sleep and ended up with cranky and restless child during the shoot.

It was exactly the case with Chris and Cece’s family…


This is not unexpected and happen almost all the time in my 10 years of photographing families.


One thing that I am extremely grateful is when Chris and Cece allow me to take time to coax their little daughter while we wait for her to be ready. The shoot was only about 90 minutes and it is long enough for me to get enough shots for them and short enough to enjoy the journey.


Of course, any family who arrived at our studio have high expectation in the images that they wanted to have.


Working with children require a lot of patience and also a lot of know how… different children require different handling… this is the part where is the most exciting for me. I love human interaction in general especially with children.


I love it when the final images show happiness and connection within the family and this time round, I had the pleasure to know Chris’ dad too.

I am sure Cece and Chris was over the moon with the results and Cece wrote this to me after getting all their canvases and album done.

We had a great experience with Hart taking our family portrait, the 3 generations.

Hart is a warm and friendly person. Everyone of us able to be joyful and natural in front of the camera! And this is very important when we talk about taking family portrait

This is our second experience working with Hart and we love his professionalism and passion in his work

Hart is really good at kids even for our non stop 3 year old girl. He was able to capture her, her true self and personality ( we will definitely miss her this moment when she grows up)

Our photos are all so natural! There’s not much of editing and I really love the album!

We will definitely engage his service again!

Cece & Chris

Please enjoy the slideshow below for the session since 2015 with Chris’ family.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much as I enjoy shooting their Chris’ family.

If you are thinking of doing one for your family, give us a call for a chat and let’s see if we are a good fit.



Hart Tan
8858 0088